How One Word A Day Keeps The Blues Away…

 What the H*ll’s Going On Around Here?!

Ever had one of these days where…

You jolt awake because your alarm didn’t go off… You rush around like a crazy person to get through your morning… Almost every interaction seems to somehow go wrong… Then dinner ends up being take-out (or leftovers…again) because you forgot to defrost the chicken. In other words, an overall terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad day.

Not long ago, I happened to have 3 of those days in a row. On day 4, I knew something had to change — fast — because all I could think of was Vince Lombardi’s famous “What the hell’s going on around here?!”


When I finally stopped to think about what was going wrong, and how to fix it, I noticed a few things:  

  • I hadn’t been doing my morning routine at all that week, so my thoughts stayed frazzled, and everything felt rushed, right out the gate.
  • I was letting my day run me, rather than using my bullet journal to stay more focused. That left me bolting from one task to the next & on everyone else’s schedule.
  • Thankfully @WilliamHannahUK’s Instagram account was a source of daily inspiration (and still is). Every day, he writes a quote and his thoughts on that quote in one of his beautifully handcrafted journals.

It was his positive response to a comment I made about having a word-of-the-day, combined with a new personal mantra, that led me to my realize that one intentional word a day can keep you grounded and less agitated even on even the busiest days. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…


Mantras and Quotes Matter

I’ve always been a collector of quotes — I mean we’re talking almost 20 years worth of quote admiration! One of my favorites is “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible.” by Audrey Hepburn

It wasn’t until recently that I started looking at personal mantras. On day 5 of the “week of terror”, I found the mantra  “My word of the day is ______ and I will keep it with me.” This one really hit home, and my very first word of the day was: Calm. Whenever I paused throughout the day to spend a minute in meditation on that one word, I immediately felt a bit calmer. By the end of the day all I could think was, “By George, this works!” 🙂


My very first Word Of The Day! 🙂

Daily Practice Gets Better Results

LivingTheClassyLife.com_AudreyHepburnQuotePart of my morning routine is spending a few minutes to write out a morning page; which is when I normally choose my word of the day. For some, morning pages can be considered a little woo-woo because you’re writing 3 pages of random stuff.

But really, all you’re doing is a brain dump of everything that’s in your head – at that moment – no matter how big or small, rude or stupid.

What I’ve found is that things get a little more hectic on the days I skip that step. While I may still have a grounding word (if needed), it may not necessarily reflect what’s really going on that day.

It’s a Big Step in Personal Growth

I’ve been quite surprised at some of the words that have “jumped out” as my word of the day. Sometimes, simple words like coffee and sunshine are all that’s needed to feel more gratitude throughout the day. Other days are more reflective with words like why and hope.

Each day’s needs are different, and the reasoning changes from one day to the next. (Sometimes even throughout the day.) There’s a humbling amount of self-reflection that happens when you’re open & honest with yourself about the word that feels the best for that day.

What are some ways you stay grounded throughout the day? Feel free to share in the comments below, or you can contact me directly via email. If you enjoyed this post, follow me over on Instagram to see more of my words of the day in real time.

Have a calm and relaxed day, and as always…

Stay Classy!



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