Thrifty Thursday: How To Make Your Own Coffee or Drink Bar

As many of you know (or probably soon will) I LOVE coffee! Preparing homemade lattes, blending various flavors and syrups, smelling the aroma of the coffee grounds after grinding… Aw man, it’s just heavenly.

There’s even a dedicated spot in my kitchen set up as a mini coffee bar. But, I’m constantly frustrated because I quickly run out of space for everything that I use. So… you can imagine my joy when I saw this adorable coffee bar at a doctor’s office the other day! (Yes, I liked it so much that I snapped a photo.)

This is perfect for Thrifty Thursday because not only does it help you get organized — what’s used to create it are simple items that you probably have just sitting around the house (or can purchased uber cheaply at a thrift or consignment store.)

Here’s what your coffee bar could look like:

Coffee bar from the doc’s office. Can be used for tea, coffee or to serve drinks at a party…


Here’s how to make your own coffee or drink bar:

What you’ll need:

  1. An over-sized night or end table (or 2 butted together)
  2. A serving tray that makes you smile
  3. A coffee maker, teapot or french press (or an ice bucket and cocktail shaker)
  4. Cups or glasses
  5. Sugar, toppings, syrups, etc.

This would be great for everyday use as a coffee or tea bar — and you can use it a drink bar for parties!

What would you include in your own coffee/tea/drink bar? Feel free to comment below.

Stay Classy!
~A.C. Taylor 

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