Thrifty Thursday: Casual Chic (Part 1)

Welcome to our very first Thrifty Thursday! These posts will focus on living your classiest life–at a discount. I’ll show you some great buys from consignment and thrift stores, ways to decorate your home with things you already have, and more!

Today’s post is about clothes shopping. I’m a BIG consignment store gal! Why? Because you can find some wonderfully classy pieces that are gently used at a major discount. Here’s what I got on my last trip to a new store in my area…

A vintage style denim vest…

Vintage chic denim vest
This was only $3.99!!!
(That’s a cup of coffee…)

This is fantabulous because it’s so versatile. You can pair it with dresses, shorts, other jeans, slacks, blouses … just about anything. Try it for yourself, find a quality jean vest or jacket and have fun with it!

A comfy casual chic tee

Neutral scroll floral comfy casual top
This was only $2.99!!! (Less than a cup of coffee…)

I couldn’t pass this one up ’cause I’m always looking for comfy tees. This t-shirt has just enough visual texture and design to be worn alone and hold it’s own. (Not too many accessories would be needed to jazz up an outfit.)

Check in tomorrow for Part 2 of “Casual Chic” posted over in Fun Friday!

 Stay Classy!

~A.C. Taylor

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