Living The Classy Life began as a style site back in 2011. In response to conversations with women during my work as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International (and, a lot of personal reflection, as well) I found that we not only want to look our best; we want to feel good about ourselves as a whole. We’re all seeking to live our version of a fulfilled life!

“I believe that a classy lady is one who is living her happiest life — one day at a time — and it shows!” ~ A.C. Taylor

How Can You Tell?

Well, she has style. She has grace. She exudes confidence. She always seems to be polished, poised and organized — ready to take on whatever comes next. She’s living an exciting life, one day at a time, because she knows what makes her happy – and she’s determined to get it.

Just picture the classic icons Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. These women had spunk, humor and, of course, a classy style of dress.

Living The Classy Life is centered around four main themes: Personal Development, Classy Style, Classy Lifestyle, and Health & Wellness. Additional topics include Organizing and Goals… because they just make me happy. This blog is all about providing you with the motivation, inspiration, tools and tips on ways to incorporate classy living into your daily routine.

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So Exactly Who Is This Chick?

I’m A.C. Taylor ~ 30-something year old caregiver, consultant and mom to doggy fur-babies. (And a recovering Real Housewives junkie…). My personality type is INTJ  — which basically means I’m a huge introvert and being online is a little bit terrifying!  And, I’ll always choose a “classy style” meaning I prefer polished coordinates over the current trend, almost any day.

  • I believe personal growth and development is key to living a classy life! There’s nothing worse than looking back and thinking “What if I had…”, “If only I’d…” or “I wish I had…”.
  • I LOVE food (and coffee). Cooking meals, trying new cuisines, comfort food, healthy and unhealthy… you name it!  Although, I am starting to try more vegan and vegetarian dishes…
  • Planning and organizing keeps me calm. I literally breathe a happy sigh when putting ideas on paper in my Bullet Journal or creating order in a chaotic space.


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